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You want to please someone? Give away luck?

Not so easy in this modern times!

A voucher seems to make it easy sometimes. But what is the right voucher?

We promise you that we will take perfect care of the presentee in any case! Whether you give away happiness because it’s someone’s birthday, you want to make a neighbour happy, or you want to reward the perfect work of an employee – with a voucher from the Panorama Tower you’ll definitely do everything right!

Maybe you will even give a brunch voucher to an anniversary celebrant so that he or she has no work and can really enjoy their celebration? With us everything is possible!

Please provide us with your complete address data when ordering a voucher.

please note that every voucher order is subject to payment. a processing and shipping fee of 2.50 Eur will be charged for each voucher order. (Charges may also apply for additional corrections).

the voucher shipping can take up to 2 days. voucher requests are not processed at weekends.

you are also welcome to purchase a voucher at any time on site.

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Discover Leipzig from its most beautiful side and conquer the 120-meter high Panorama Tower in the middle of Leipzig city center and the „360° Panorama Carola’s Garden“ in the Panometer Leipzig!

Recognize Leipzig’s landmark from a breathtaking height and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and a piece of fruitcake. A visit to the viewing platform of the Panorama Tower gives you a fantastic view of the pulsating city.

Afterwards you will get to know the fascinating „Carola’s Garden Panorama“ of Yadegar Asisi on a stunning 3,500 square meters.

offers ans prices
The price includes a panoramic view of Leipzig at a height of 120 meters from the platform, which you will enjoy.

In summer you can enjoy a piece of fresh fruit cake from our patisserie and close your eyes with a sparkling glass of cool champagne.

During the winter season, there is a pot of sea buckthorn – roasted apple – mulled wine from the Sachsenobst press house, which you can enjoy with a piece of potato or punch cake from our bakery.

Included is also the entrance to the Panometer Leipzig with its current 32 meter high panorama! Here you will experience a detailed fascination, which will transport you to a distant reality.
Price: 18,50 € p.P.
For further information and booking options, please call 0341-7100590 or contact us by e-mail:



Booking and information
Bookable from 20 persons (groups of children from 10 children). Reservation via Panorama Tower GmbH & Co.KG
Tel: 0341-7100590 or E-mail: